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About Us

Early Learning Montessori Centre is situated just off James Gichuru road along Isaac Gathanju road in a pleasant villa with garden, playground and pool area. It caters for children between the ages of 2 1/5 to 6 years old.

Our facility at Early Learning Montessori Centre, offers parents and children alike, a sense of warmth and security in truly pleasant surroundings.  The classrooms are large and well equiped to stimulate children's interests & creativty, while still being cozy and comfortable. Our playground area is a child's dream.  It includes playground equipment to develop large motor skills, grass, sand areas and children’s garden, all surrounded by beautiful trees.  We have also provided quiet areas for those who simply want to rest and observe.

Our school offers preschool through kindergarten age children a challenging and creative Montessori curriculum in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our Mission

The purpose of Early Learning Montessori Centre is to provide excellent care and education in early childhood.
It is the aim of Early Learning Montessori Centre to provide and maintain an environment that  promotes,  encourages and challenges the child to develop:

¦ Independence of deed and thought...
...through the use of guided freedom

¦ Growth of self esteem...
...through the success of purposeful work

¦ Socially...
...within a framework of self respect and respect for others

¦ Knowledge and a love of learning...
...through age-appropriate practical and intellectual activities

¦ A love of work and a respect for its dignity...
...through repeated opportunities to experience the joy of successful work

¦ The ability to take initiative and to find a path of resolution to one's problems...
...through the awareness of freedom and its inherent responsibilities

¦ An appreciation of and a responsibility to the global environment